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[sticky post] Table of Contents

Below is a list of links to all the works found on this journal, alphabetical order to make it easier to find them.

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The Suns of Tatooine

Summary: Luke understood there was nothing left for him on Tatooine.

Rating: G

A/N - One word prompt request – “Hourglass” for anybody, from @rewil.

The Suns of TatooineCollapse )

April Fools

Summary: It’s nearly seven years after the Battle of Hogwarts before George Weasley can bring himself to celebrate his birthday again.

Rating: G

A/N - This is a prompt from me, based off a flash ficlet I originally wrote 4/1/2017.

April FoolsCollapse )

Chewbacca’s Regret

Summary: Chewbacca has many regrets. This is one of them.

Rating: G

A/N - One word prompt request – “Feathered” for anybody, from @rewil

Chewbacca’s RegretCollapse )

The Murder House that Dripped Blood

Summary: Molly decides to throw a housewarming party.

Rating: G

A/N - SAW Day Seven – (Canon Compliant – Why you ship them/Moment you started shipping them/Free choice) or (Non-Canon/Head Canon – Free Choice)

Some of you may remember a quick little crack!fic I wrote last month called “Murder House” based off a Tumblr post by @aphraelsan ( https://aphraelsan.tumblr.com/post/156233366538/mollys-house ) (Thank you, @aphraelsan !) Now that I’ve found the post again and have read @mae-jones’s comment … I bring you one final sequel for the 2018 Sherlolly Appreciation Week.

1) I wrote this thing in two hours because I spent the day goofing off with my family instead of writing, so forgive me if it’s a bit choppy. 2) The title comes from a 1971 horror movie called “The House that Dripped Blood”.

The Murder House that Dripped BloodCollapse )

The Return of the Self-Rescuing Princess

Summary: Jim Moriarty and Sherlock Holmes reunite to rescue Molly Hooper from the threat of Eurus Holmes. Again.

Rating: PG

A/N - SAW 2018 Day Six – (Canon Compliant – The Final Problem) or (Non-Canon/Head Canon – Late Marriage/Grandchildren)

Because why not have one more sequel this week - here’s a sequel to “The Self-Rescuing Princess” crack!fic I wrote a bit ago. As you can guess, this too is crack!fic.

The Return of the Self-Rescuing PrincessCollapse )


Summary: Sherlock vaguely remembered telling Molly something about always deleting texts that began with ‘hi’ unread. He wondered what Molly would say if she knew that he had read every text she’d ever sent. Not necessarily in a timely manner, as that exact moment would attest, but he read all of them and saved quite a few.

Rating: PG

A/N - SAW Day Five – (Canon Compliant – The Six Thatchers/The Lying Detective) or (Non-Canon/Head Canon – Domestic Sherlolly/Parent!Lock {Teenagers})

Sequel to "Hi." from last year’s Sherlolly Appreciation Week.

Hello.Collapse )

A Letter from Mary

Summary: If Watson had expected there to be less sniping and quick tempers, he was left sadly disappointed. The pointed remarks continued, but there was a new undercurrent to them. Or, perhaps, the undercurrent had always been there and he’d only just noticed. (The third and probably final chapter of the "A Letter to Mary" series.)

Rating: G

A/N - SAW3 Day Four – (Canon Compliant – The Abominable Bride) or (Non-Canon/Head Canon – Early Marriage/Parent!Lock {Little Kids})

This is the third (and probably final) part of what has apparently became a series of TAB inspired short fics. The series consists of “A Letter to Mary” written for the 2016 Sherlolly Appreciation Week, “Another Letter to Mary” for the 2017 Sherlolly Appreciation Week, and now “A Letter from Mary” for 2018. You’ll probably need to be familiar with the first two parts to understand this one. Sorry.

A Letter from MaryCollapse )

Isn't It Obvious?

Summary: Mary couldn’t understand how John didn’t see it.

It was right there, right in front of his eyes, as plain as the sun in the sky.

Sherlock Holmes was desperately in love with Molly Hooper.

Rating: G

A/N - SAW3 Day Three – (Canon Compliant – The Empty Hearse) or (Non-Canon/Head Canon – Engagement/Wedding)

Isn't It Obvious?Collapse )

Dead Men Tell No Tales

Summary: They say dead men tell no tales, but the one on Molly’s sofa would not. Stop. Talking.

Rating: G

A/N - SAW3 Day Two – (Canon Compliant – The Reichenbach Fall) or (Non-Canon/Head Canon – Just Started Dating/Early Relationship)

Dead Men Tell No TalesCollapse )

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